Enteropass is a medical innovation company which has developed a tubular bypass device that is seated inside the intestine, preventing leakage and allowing the patient to eat normally. It solves a complication that occurs after intestinal surgery in which a portion of the intestine is removed is that the area where the bowel is reconnected can leak.  When this happens, bacteria from the bowel spill from the intestine and cause infection, the ultimate result of which is a fistula, or connection between the intestine and skin.
Given the slightly graphic nature of the product, we veered away from creating an explicit visual of the tubular bypass device's actions. Instead, we focused on alluding to the action of a bypass through the alteration of the "R" in "Enteropass." We also implemented a two-tone color scheme in order to further highlight the use of the word "pass" within the company's name.
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