Cerespectus is a medical innovations company that has developed a catheter that provides real-time video navigation to avoid damaging the spine and brain. An initial puncture made through a commonly performed lumbar puncture and the catheter/camera system is guided to the base of the brain within the clear fluid-filled subarachnoid space. The camera allows for real-time visualization and navigation around critical structures in the spine and brain (like swimming underwater in a pool with goggles on). Once the catheter is in the proper location at the base of the brain, gene therapy is injected through the catheter and delivered into the fluid (cerebral spinal fluid) that surrounds the brain.
The logo provides a simplified visualization of the catheter's action of entering the brain. We focused on creating a fluid, soft visual with a rounded typeface in order to emphasize the gentle and non-invasive qualities of the catheter. We capped off the design with a soothing color palette of blue and purple.
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